Experiment 3: Your First Circuit

It’s time, people, time to light up some LEDs!!!

* Lighting an LED

So, the thing is, I didn’t have a 2.2KΩ resistor at hand, as you can see in the picture above, (now that you know how to decode the value of resistors from the Fundamentals: Decoding Resistors section).

My resistor is Red Black Red Gold = 2 0 2 5% = 2000 Ohms with a 5% tolerance.

A 2.2K (2000) resistor would show the colors Red Red Red Gold = 2 2 2 5% = 2200Ω, 5% tolerance.

Still, the Resistor is still perfectly usable for the educational lesson the experiment wishes to transmit, which is: How does resistance affect current?

Here are the other resistors that will be tested:


So, let’s begin!

It’s alive!!!…..ever so slightly.

Circuit with a 2KΩ resistor                               Circuit with a 1KΩ resistor   

 Circuit with a 470Ω resistor


As the resistance is decreased (by changing the resistor) the LED shines more brightly since more current is going through it!


* Checking a Resistor

These are the values the color coding of each resistor translates into.

The first resistor is 2KΩ (and not 2.2kΩ). The multi-meter shows a value of 1.993KΩ which is within the tolerance specified by the golden stripe (5%).

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