Everything you will need to perform the experiments is detailed in the “Tools, Equipment, Components, and Supplies” section of the book.

In addition to this, the materials needed for the experiments from each chapter will be mentioned at the beginner of the chapter.  The materials needed for each experiment will also be listed at the beginning of each experiment.


Buying a lot of components can be overwhelming for a beginner, which is why you can also buy kits with all of the components you need. I bought the 3 kits offered by ProTechTrader and I can honestly say I’m truly happy I did. There’s no electronics shop where I live so I would have had to order all of the components online which, if you don’t know what you’re doing, can get very time consuming and expensive if you order the wrong parts.

The people from ProTechTrader answered all of my questions about the kits. They’re in touch with Charles Platt so the components included in the kits are truly those you need.¬†ProTechTrader also offers a kit for Charles Platt’s latest book: Easy Electronics.

Everything comes very neatly packaged and labeled!


If you have already a lot of the components needed for the experiments at home, then you can buy those you need from websites like Digikey.

They have a very cool website that allows you to efficiently filter components so you can find exactly what you’re looking for (They also sell tools!). They also offer a lot of cool free online tools and media. Be sure to check their “Resources” section.

I’ve included links to components listed on the Digikey website that one could use for each experiment. These are not exactly what one must buy for an experiment to work, but rather are meant to serve as examples.


Both ProTechTrader and Digikey provide great Customer Service. Don’t be afraid to explore their websites!



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