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The purpose of this blog is to document my observations while working through all of the experiments from the book Make: Electronics,  2nd Edition, by Charles Platt.




A great blog by James Floyd Kelly already exists for the first edition of the book. The first experiments are pretty much the same for both editions. But after these, there are considerable changes between both editions. The differences are detailed in the “What’s New in the Second Edition” section of the 2nd edition of the book.

Personally, I really like to be able to read about other people’s experiences when learning new things and solving problems. Sometimes someone says something in just the way you needed to hear it to truly understand it, or maybe just be able to look at it from a different perspective.

For this reason, I find it beneficial  to document and share my own observations.


Already what I’ve read from the book has taught me so much, while having fun! The book doesn’t overwhelm you with theory but rather let’s you learn from your rights and your wrongs and then and only then, does it teach you about the “How”. I’m truly grateful to Mr. Platt for writing not only this book, but also the Encyclopedia of Electronic Components (at the time of writing I own Vol. 1.) and many others.


If you still don’t own the book, I truly can’t recommend it enough. I’d previously purchased other books aimed at teaching beginners about electronics, but this is the first one whose explanations I find truly clear and friendly and whose experiments I truly can’t wait to do!


  • To learn more about Mr. Platt go to the “About the author” section of the blog.
  • To learn more about the Tools, Equipment, Components, and Supplies that are needed to do the experiments from the book, go to the “Materials” section of the blog.


Let’s get ready to rumble!!!